15+ Must-Read Picture Books to Celebrate Black History Month

Use this list as a starting point for conversations with your child about African American history.

By Scholastic Parents Staff
Feb 26, 2024



15+ Must-Read Picture Books to Celebrate Black History Month

Feb 26, 2024

February is Black History Month, and a great way to help your growing reader learn more about African American history is with picture books. The picture books on this list break history into bite-sized, age-appropriate pieces for young children, with vivid illustrations and easy-to-digest text. 

By exposing your child to a variety of diverse and inclusive books, both fiction and nonfiction, you'll help widen your child's perspective. Try Henry's Freedom Box — a gripping tale about how Henry goes on an arduous journey to the North to gain freedom and a birthday. Or pick up I Am Ruby Bridges, a landmark story with stunning visuals about a pivotal event that shaped the civil rights movement. There's also the empowering true story of young Colin Kaepernick's journey of self-discovery that will inspire young readers to be true to themselves and show how they can make the world a better, more equitable place.  

From picture books on well-known figures like Rosa Parks to the story of the first Black female Supreme Court Justice, our Black History Month picture book list covers a multitude of subjects. For longer works on Black History geared towards elementary schoolers, preteens and teens, check out our comprehensive Black History Month book list for all ages.

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