Remarkable Books for Black History Month

From lyrical odes to the African American community to poignant historical fiction, these books are perfect to share with your child during Black History Month and beyond.

By Scholastic Parents Staff
Jan 24, 2023



Remarkable Books for Black History Month

Jan 24, 2023

February is Black History Month, which pays tribute to African American heroes and thought leaders, culture, and history. The amazing books on this list are perfect to share with your child during Black History Month and beyond. 

These titles not only give your child the resources they need to understand the importance of Black History Month, but they shed light on African American voices and perspectives that were often overlooked in American history and literature. Shop all Black History Month books here

1. Bright Brown Baby is a darling board book by best-selling author Andrea Davis Pinkney celebrating the beautiful bond between a new baby and their parent. Winner of the Coretta Scott King Award and the Caldecott Honor, Bright Brown Baby is sure to be a family favorite with its sweet poems and adorable illustrations that little readers will love. 

2. We Shall Overcome is one of the civil rights movement's most memorable anthems that has been performed at rallies and protests for many years. In this title, the song's inspirational lyrics have been transformed into a beautifully illustrated and powerful book reimagined for the present day. 

3. All Because You Matter by Tami Charles is an award-winning, beautiful ode to Black and brown children. Part love letter, part anthem, this book will delight young readers and remind them that their lives, dreams, and hopes have always — and will always — matter. 

5. The Leaving Morning by Angela Johnson tells the story of a little boy and his sister experiencing the highs and lows of moving day — leaving behind their neighbors, friends, familiar shopkeepers, and everything they know to experience something brand new. 

6. All Aboard the Schooltrain is a poignant story about a little girl named Thelma who lives with her family in Louisiana. Thelma and her friends ride their schooltrain each morning, loving their adventures until the day things begin to change. Little by little, Thelma's friends and family begin moving away during what would become known as The Great Migration. This powerful book tells Thelma's experience through her eyes.

7. We Are Here, the highly anticipated follow-up to All Because You Matter, is a lyrical and moving ode to Black and brown men and women who have made momentous contributions to the world from the beginning of time. Written in Tami Charles' signature memorable and poignant poetry, We Are Here is sure to become a classic and is a must for your child's bookshelf.

8. Twins by Varian Johnson is a graphic novel about twin sisters Maureen and Francine Carter, who, until middle school, have been best friends. Once they enter the sixth grade, however, things begin to change drastically — Francine becomes Fran, and much more outgoing than shy, reserved Maureen. As they grow apart and start becoming their own individual people, the sisters must learn that although they have their (pretty big) differences, the love between them never truly fades. 

9. Playing the Cards You're Dealt is the story of Anthony Joplin, who, on his tenth birthday, is ready to play and win at a game of spades, which every man he knows has done before him. But when Ant's best friend and partner gets grounded, Ant teams up with Shirley, the new girl in his class who knows every trick in the book. Now, Ant means to win their game, all while keeping their partnership a secret. 

10. King and the Dragonflies tells the moving story of twelve-year-old Kingston James who is convinced that his recently deceased brother, Khalid, has turned into a dragonfly. Before Khalid passed away, he tried to tell Kingston something mysterious about Kingston's best friend Sandy. As Kingston deals with his grief, Sandy goes missing until he eventually shows up in King's backyard, where he tells King that he's escaped his abusive father. King and Sandy then find their own escape by the bayou among the dragonflies, where they rekindle their friendship and see each other through their toughest times yet. 

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