Affordable Workbooks for Kids That Sharpen Skills and Build Confidence

These affordable workbooks will help your kids continue to learn and grow.
Jul 20, 2022



Affordable Workbooks for Kids That Sharpen Skills and Build Confidence

Jul 20, 2022

While summer is a time of leisure, you can help your kids continue to sharpen their reading and learning skills ahead of the new school year. These age-appropriate workbooks provide an interactive and fun way for your kids to absorb math concepts, grammar, and much more. Plus, they’re all under $10 — and some are less than $5 — so you don’t have to break the bank.

Young children starting kindergarten in the fall will benefit from the Little Skill Seekers workbooks, which teach foundational reading and math skills. Using pictures, colors, and games, these workbooks will help your kids not only learn the alphabet but also recognize sight words and count numbers. 

For incoming third to fourth graders, the Scholastic Success With workbooks will help reinforce key skills on high-interest topics. Filled with hundreds of practice pages, interactive exercises, and captivating activities, these workbooks will help your kids progress their reading comprehension skills and introduce them to more advanced math concepts, like multiplication and division. 

Incorporate these workbooks into your child’s summer routine by designating 20 minutes before dinner to complete a few pages together. You can also encourage your kids to explore the subjects they are interested in to help them embrace summer learning

Shop workbooks to sharpen your child’s skills for back-to-school below! You can find all books and activities at The Scholastic Store.

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