Why This Line of Workbooks Under $7 Is So Popular

Your child will have fun while honing key concepts learned in class with these workbooks for kids in grades K–5.

Jun 21, 2024
Why This Line of Workbooks Under $7 Is So Popular

Jun 21, 2024

Practicing key concepts learned in the classroom at home doesn’t have to be a boring chore. In fact, one of the best ways to sharpen your child’s skills is through the right workbooks. Workbooks have a proven track record of elevating concepts first introduced in class, which in turn boost skills in other areas, like overall reading comprehension

The Scholastic Success With… line of workbooks is an ideal way to help your child fill in the gaps they may need help with. With updated activities, puzzles, games, and more, these well-researched workbooks will help your child have fun and learn at the same time. Taking the time every day or a few times per week to go through these books ensures that your child will not only get a chance to go over and really understand key concepts, but also build on what they had already previously learned. 

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Below are five reasons the Scholastic Success With... line of workbooks is so popular among children and their parents. 

1. They’re Kid-Friendly

Sometimes, it might be difficult for your child to want to sit down and do extra practice. Luckily, the Success With… line of workbooks don’t feel like extra work — they feel like fun! 

Filled with exciting puzzles, brain teasers, and other activities, children will feel like they’re sitting down to play games and read stories rather than to sharpen their skills in reading comprehension, grammar, writing, or math. 

“A game-like approach to the activities, coupled with a scaffolded repetition of the sight words, means that young readers will be rewarded in small ways along the way – whether through cracking a code or finding a hidden word,” explains Karen Baicker, author of the Scholastic Success With Sight Words workbook and Executive Director of the Yale Child Study Center-Scholastic Collaborative for Child & Family Resilience. “At the same time, they’ll gain the repeated exposure needed to ingrain the sight words that will make them successful in reading across the content areas.

2. They’re Up to Standard

Each workbook in the Success With… line is designed to reflect state standards for various subjects and topics covered within, reinforcing age-appropriate skills. 

For example, the Scholastic Success With Math: Grade 3 workbook offers practice in multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, and more according to Stanford, California, Florida, Texas, and Massachusetts standards. 

“We made sure that the Scholastic Success With… workbooks were correlated to state standards across the country. That way, children are building the skills they need to successfully meet the expectations in their individual classrooms,” says Baicker.

3. They’re Intricately Researched

Scholastic editors and writers have put months of research into each workbook, creating the best games, activities, and puzzles to capture and hold your child’s attention while they practice.  

“We also made sure we were aligned with current insights about how children learn to read and what kinds of practice and reinforcement they need to build their confidence along the way,” says Baicker.

Whether they’re studying up on reading comprehension through reading passages and multiple choice questions or practicing math concepts like division, multiplication, fractions and decimals, each section of each workbook will provide an expansion of what’s been introduced in school and builds upon those lessons to further broaden your child’s understanding. 

4. They’re Highly Recommended by Teachers

Teachers recommend this line of workbooks because they’re perfect for students in elementary school — from those just learning sight words in preschool and kindergarten to those grasping more complex math lessons in 6th grade. 

5. They’re Versatile

One of the best parts about the Scholastic Success With… workbooks is that they’re versatile and perfect for after class, quiet time, road trips, and summer or back-to-school season, when it’s important for kids to prepare for the next grade and solidify knowledge in new subjects. 

Because they don’t feel like work, the activities within the pages of these workbooks are fun, entertaining, and will leave kids feeling accomplished and wanting to keep learning and practicing more on their own. 

“When you think of a workbook, you might picture something old-fashioned or boring. But they foster independent learning, moving at your own pace, and reinforce the skills you need to master before moving on,” says Baicker. “They also provide children with a sense of satisfaction and completion. And they give parents an easy way to check their children’s understanding.”

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