Popular Books in the Princess Truly Book Series

Help kids discover self-love, individuality, and more with this unforgettable character!

Apr 16, 2024



Popular Books in the Princess Truly Book Series

Apr 16, 2024

Meet Princess Truly — a one-of-a-kind princess that can do it all! She is strong, confident, brave, and brilliant. With all of those amazing qualities, Princess Truly can do anything she sets her mind to.

Featuring comforting messages about believing in one’s own abilities, Princess Truly will quickly become one of your child’s favorite series. Part of Scholastic’s Acorn line of books, the Princess Truly books not only teach self-love and individuality, but also help your child build confidence in their own reading abilities and comprehension. 

Start off strong with the Princess Truly Series starter pack that includes books #1-5, where kids will get to know the titular character and her unique everyday magic!

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The newest addition in the Princess Truly series, I Can Helpis a book about the power of helping others. Princess Truly loves to help. She assists her friend during moving day, helps clean up a stinky park with her sparkly magic curls, and even helps a farmer get his tractor key from a crow's nest!

Packed with the series' signature adventure, humor, and plenty of fun, your child will love learning new ways to help every day along with Princess Truly.

Shop all Princess Truly books below! Plus, explore our Scholastic Parents book lists to discover the best children's books by age, interest, and more. You can find all books and activities at The Scholastic Store.

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