30+ Great Books That Entice Early Readers

With these picks, you’ll have the tools you need to help your kids become stronger readers.

By Scholastic Parents Staff
Jan 23, 2024



30+ Great Books That Entice Early Readers

Jan 23, 2024

After years of sitting on your lap as you flipped through picture books, your child is finally growing into an independent reader. They might still crawl into your lap occasionally, but this is an important time for kids to either learn to love to read or start to view it as a chore. Introducing them to the right books can make all the difference.  

It can be helpful to begin with the Acorn & Branches lines when choosing books for your early reader. The Acorn books feature easy-to-read text, short-story formats, humor, and full-color artwork on every page. They’re designed to boost reading confidence and fluency, and to plant a love of reading. Plus, there is a fun drawing and writing activity in every book to further engage growing readers! 

Once your child has mastered Acorn books, they’ll be able to move on to Branches books, which are designed for newly independent readers making the transition to traditional chapter books. Each Branches title is packed with 80+ pages of riveting stories, fun characters, and engaging illustrations that reinforce the story from beginning to end. 

Shop titles perfect for early readers below now! You can find all books at The Scholastic Store. Plus, explore more children's books by age.

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