The Entertaining Books in the Elephant & Piggie Series

Your young reader will enjoy reading about friendship and sharing as they build key literacy skills!

May 05, 2022



The Entertaining Books in the Elephant & Piggie Series

May 05, 2022

It can be a challenging task to get your growing reader to pick up a book on their own, especially if they are just starting out. The Elephant & Piggie series taps into the early reader arena and includes an easy-to-read format and engaging illustrations. Your growing reader will enjoy reading about this iconic duo — and learn important lessons about the power of friendship while building key literacy skills!

Here are just a few of the benefits your child will get from reading this series. 

Key Social-Emotional Lessons

The series covers topics like patience and sharing, critical concepts for young children to understand and practice. Kids ages 4-8 are developing their social-emotional skills, which play a significant role in the way kids interact with one another. The main characters in these books, Gerald and Piggie, explore a variety of emotions — like jealousy and sadness — and find tangible ways to overcome their tough situations. 

Engaging Humor

The humorous characters and laugh-out-loud text will hook your child on the story and build a deeper love for reading. Humor is an empowering tool and can make learning new things easier. The Elephant and Piggie books have plenty of laugh-worthy situations that your child will find amusing and irresistible, such as when Elephant deeply ponders if he should share his ice cream — adding a few extra "mmm's" to his indecisive "hmmmm" over multiple pages. 

Interactive Reading Lessons 

The interactive format of the book makes it easy for young readers to follow along.The comic book-style speech bubbles help young readers understand which character is saying what — an approachable way to engage your child with books. The captivating and colorful illustrations on each page also make the text more digestible and provide context clues.

What’s more, your child can build their fine motor skills by pointing to the text and illustrations. They will delight in the one-of-a-kind imagery and storylines as they continue to become more confident readers. 

These loveable characters, funny storylines, and supporting illustrations will help your child build their reading comprehension skills. As your child gets older and progresses in school, it is important for them to have a strong reading foundation to understand a piece of text thoroughly. The Elephant & Piggie series will give your child the opportunity to answer thought-provoking questions — like "Why does Gerald have such a hard time deciding whether or not to share his ice cream?"

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