Boost Fine Motor Skills With 7 Excellent Resources

Prepare your child for the everyday tasks they’ll need to do to succeed in kindergarten.
Mar 29, 2021



Boost Fine Motor Skills With 7 Excellent Resources

Mar 29, 2021

It’s important that your child has the opportunity to develop fine motor skills before they enter kindergarten. These essential skills impact their ability to perform necessary tasks and demonstrate what they’ve learned.

While gross motor skills refer to large muscle movements such as standing, walking, running, or jumping, fine motor skills involve using smaller muscle movements such as bending the wrist and fingers to cut with scissors or write letters. Mastery of fine motor skills impacts how well children learn since these skills help them use thinner writing tools like pencils to form letters or circle an answer.

When your child develops fine motor skills before entering kindergarten, they already have the fundamentals necessary to succeed.

The resources below will help your child develop the fine motor skills needed in kindergarten through exercises like connecting the dots, tracing, forming letters, and exploring mazes. Use them together to help your child prepare for and thrive in kindergarten.

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