The Peppa Pig Books Children Can't Put Down

The squeal-worthy books in this series are ideal for early readers.

By Scholastic Parents
Nov 18, 2022



The Peppa Pig Books Children Can't Put Down

Nov 18, 2022

Little ones will squeal in delight when they see Peppa Pig, her friends (each a different animal), and her family (Mummy Pig, Daddy Pig, and little brother George) on an adorable book cover. Children in preschool and kindergarten tend to have a particular love for this oink-worthy protagonist, and you can use that excitement to get them invested in reading.

As kids go on epic adventures with Peppa Pig, they'll also learn important lessons about family and friendship. There are Peppa Pig books for all types of occasions — like Merry Christmas, Peppa!  and Happy Hanukkahboth seasonal books that will bring a sense of warmth and holiday cheer to your home. 

The social-emotional themed books, such as Peppa Is Kind are great for teaching your child about relaxing and being calm. Kids are likely to practice good values, like empathy and compassion, when they see examples of it from their favorite characters. 

There are also interactive books such as Peppa Loves to Bakea sweet story about Peppa making a delicious cake for Miss Rabbit's baking competition. What's more, there is a special chocolate cake recipe included so that you and your child can connect the book to real-life experiences. 

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