The Books Teachers Use to Spark Conversations About Bullying

Use these books to have discussions with your kids about how to identify bullying and how to stand up to it safely.
By Scholastic Editors
Oct 08, 2019



The Books Teachers Use to Spark Conversations About Bullying

Oct 08, 2019

Although there are many resources available around bullying, books can be a particularly effective way to help kids understand both how to prevent bullying, deal with the pervasive issue, and understand the serious impacts of it.

The teacher selections in this list reflect all aspects of the bullying experience for a wide range of ages: cyberbullying, stories told from a bully's perspective, experiences from kids who were bullied, and even a "survival guide" from someone bullied in middle and high school. (To help younger kids embrace their differences, also check out these one-of-a-kind books.) Use these books to talk to your kids about bullying, encourage family discussions, or donate a few copies to your child's school library in honor of Bullying Prevention Month in October. For more books that celebrate kindness, visit The Scholastic Store

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Start a Conversation About Bullying With These Books

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