Great Books About School for Elementary Readers

Help your child rock a year of reading with these fun and charming tales about friendship and classroom antics.
Jul 10, 2019



books about elementary school

Jul 10, 2019

We all want our kids to be excited about school (after all, we're excited for them!). But sometimes it can be hard to convince them that school really has endless opportunities for fun adventures.

Luckily, these great books remind kids that a time of friendship, laughter, and unexpected discoveries lies just ahead. They feature everything from silly classroom plots to wild class pets and students who learn how to deal with tricky situations in the school hallways. In doing so, they help get young learners eager to sharpen those pencils, perk up in class, and make friends that last a lifetime.

Which of the books below would your kids love most? Give them a few to read (or read them aloud together), and you might find that it'll be far easier to get them to zip up their backpacks. If your little one is just starting kindergarten, check out these inspiring reads for new kindergarteners, too!

Elementary Books That Get Kids Excited for Class

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