Captivate Readers With Marvel Graphic Novels

Superhero fans will adore our action-packed Marvel graphic novels collection.

Dec 01, 2023



Captivate Readers With Marvel Graphic Novels

Dec 01, 2023

Reading is a superpower — and Marvel comics are the perfect way to help your child build a lifelong love for reading. The Marvel universe — from Doctor Strange to Nick Fury — has a powerful impact on pop culture and now your child can explore different superhero stories through original Marvel graphic novels. Not only does a Marvel graphic novel support key literacy skills, but it also teaches kids about justice, teamwork, and responsibility. Below are the best Marvel graphic novels for your reader to dive into. 

Marvel Graphic Novels

Marvel Avengers Assembly #1: Orientation is a middle-grade read about ordinary kids with extraordinary powers learning to navigate being the new kid. Kamala Khan, also known as Ms. Marvel, is fighting crime and standing up to villains who wreak havoc in Jersey City; however, she manages to destroy a building along the way. This event catches the attention of many established superheroes including Captain Marvel! Kamala is invited to join the prestigious Avengers Institute so she can improve her skills and powers. Along the way she meets other kid superheroes like Miles Morales and Squirrel Girl! What’s more, the diverse characters provide incredible representation. Kamala and her friends learn to work together and improve their skills. Your child will love to read this funny and action-packed graphic novel.  

For more Ms.Marvel stories check out Ms. Marvel Graphic Novel: Stretched Thin. Kamala is juggling school, being a superhero, and spending time with friends and family. She finally feels like she has some balance — sort of. When a mysterious robot invades the Avengers Tower, Kamala must stop it and save the day. Can Kamala use her powers of shape-shifting and healing to stop the beloved tower from being destroyed? Many readers will be able to relate to this middle-grade coming-of-age story

For fans of The Amazing Spider Man and Spider-Man: Into the Spider Verse, try the ongoing Marvel original graphic novel Miles Morales. Miles Morales #1: Shock Waves is about a kid from Brooklyn who sets up a fundraiser for Puerto Rico but ends up getting wrapped up in the disappearance of a new student's father. Miles jumps to help but has trouble managing his time, balancing school and being a hero. This riveting story comes to life with easy-to-follow text and engaging illustrations. For more epic adventures, have your kid read Miles Morales #2: Stranger Tides — a continuation of the series with all the action. In the second book, Miles is invited to help launch a brand-new video game. However, things go wrong and Miles must save the day. Your child will learn about important themes like justice from one of their favorite Marvel heroes with these original graphic novels! 

Captain America comic book lovers will enjoy Captain America: The Ghost Army from best-selling author Alan Gratz. This graphic novel features iconic characters from Marvel comics, set during the World War II era. This thrilling historical adventure is about Captain America and his sidekick Bucky Barnes taking on a ghost army. This one-of-a-kind graphic novel will leave your reader feeling both passionate about Marvel characters and knowledgeable about key historical moments. 

In Shuri & T'Challa: Into the Heartlands, Shuri is determined to help out Wakanda but is jealous when all the attention goes to her big brother T'Challa, the next Black Panther. When one of Shuri’s science experiments doesn’t go as planned, the city of Wakanda is left feeling sick. Now it’s up to the sibling duo to team up and put an end to the chaos. Growing readers will appreciate the colorful imagery, interesting plot, and the distinct text bubbles. 

Graphic novels are beneficial to a growing reader in many ways, like boosting literacy skills and developing a lifelong love for reading. These Marvel graphic novels will also inspire them to pitch in, stand up, and strive to save the day! 

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