9 Books to Help Teach Kids an Attitude of Gratitude

Help your young readers learn valuable lessons about gratitude with these endearing titles. They'll thank you for the book suggestions!
Oct 31, 2018



9 Books to Help Teach Kids an Attitude of Gratitude

Oct 31, 2018
Teaching children about gratitude is an important lesson for parents to impart. Modeling behavior and having conversations about appreciation can be beneficial (Starting a gratitude journal is a good idea, too!) Plus, reading impactful books about giving thanks and being grateful can further your efforts towards raising a kind, compassionate and empathetic child. Whether told through the characters Mr. Panda, Princess Pinecone, or the Octopuppy, or through the award-winning titleĀ The Last Stop on Market Street, these stories below offer meaningful messages of gratitude to share with your little one.

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