The Best Books Under $10 That Build Character

Explore kindness, compassion, courage, and fairness with these character-building books.

Aug 28, 2023



The Best Books Under $10 That Build Character

Aug 28, 2023

Learning strong values is an integral part of your child’s growth — and books are a great resource for demonstrating those positive traits. From powerful storylines to relatable characters that kids can see themselves in, books can also teach important life lessons and help cultivate your child's own character development. 

The characters children read about in books are integral to the overall social and emotional benefits of reading. Whether they are modeling resilience or inspiring confidence, a book's characters can play a powerful role in teaching important life lessons. In fact, 95% of parents agree that characters in books can help foster the qualities they value for their children, according to the 7th Edition Scholastic Kids & Family Reading Report

The stories from this booklist (which are all under $10!) help young readers understand the importance of being kind and considerate to their peers. Themes like perseverance, courage, and compassion will also encourage your child to implement lessons from these books in their everyday life. 

Start with Make Way for Butterfly for grades PreK-3, a sweet and humorous story about a butterfly who learns how to embrace its own uniqueness. This inspiring book will help your child learn about self-acceptance — all while teaching them about STEM concepts like the importance of pollinators to our ecosystem. 

There is also You Are Enough, a picture book for students in grades PreK-3, which covers themes of inclusion and diversity. This empowering read (filled with bright and beautiful illustrations!) is inspired by Sofia Sanchez, a self-advocate for Down syndrome, and teaches kids that everyone is unique and belongs in this world. 

For readers in grades 3-7, try Save Me a Seat — a powerful read about a unique friendship between two fifth grade boys who seemingly have nothing in common. Your child will learn about resilience and the importance of sticking up for themselves and others in this heartwarming story. 

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