Favorite Series for Babies and Toddlers

Build your little one's relationship with books starring familiar friends.

Aug 09, 2022



Favorite Series for Babies and Toddlers

Aug 09, 2022

From learning colors, shapes, and letters to identifying their favorite animals and characters, children aged 0-2 are full of wonder and imagination as they explore their surroundings. Which is why books — and in particular, finding the perfect series — is so beneficial at this stage. It instills a love of reading is fun and sets them up for success is all areas of life as they grow! 

When you establish a daily reading routine, be it during quiet time before a nap or at bedtime, teaching your child to relax with their favorite books will benefit them in the long run. Children will not only learn that reading is fun, but that it can also be a great way to relax and learn! And, with so many exciting options — from fiction to nonfiction, board books to picture books — building your child's library will be a fun process. 

The works of authors like Joyce Wan, Norman Bridwell, and Jane Yolen are perfect for babies and toddlers to begin their reading journey. Favorite characters like Baby Shark, Clifford, David, and many more provide a foundation for reading success through easy to follow plots and rhyming text while instilling valuable lessons in friendship, manners, and self esteem among others. Books also engage your child's imagination and provide sensory development through colorful illustrations and textures. 

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