The 20 Best Bedtime Read-Alouds to Get Kids Asleep

Prepare your child for a good night's sleep with these nighttime favorites.
Oct 31, 2019



bedtime stories preschoolers

Oct 31, 2019

Remember once upon a time when you were able to catch sweet z's every night, and evenings meant warm tea under a fleece blanket? That may seem like a far-off dream today, but even with little ones, nighttime routines can be less hectic and a primer for a restful night of sleep.

These serene read-alouds not only establish a nighttime routine for your children, cuing them that it's time to doze off, but are also designed to lull them off to sleep with rhythmic prose and dreamy visuals. As a bonus, your child will get a boost to their language and reading skills before bed. 

Give these special books to the little ones in your life (or their tired parents) as a much-needed holiday present this year! Also be sure to check out these box sets for toddlers that build early reading skills and the best activity kits of 2019. 

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