The Best Bedtime Read-Alouds to Get Kids Asleep

Prepare your child for a good night's sleep with these bedtime favorites.
Sep 20, 2022



The Best Bedtime Read-Alouds to Get Kids Asleep

Sep 20, 2022

Reading can be a primer for a restful night of sleep for little ones. Choosing serene read-alouds not only establishes a nighttime routine for your child (cuing them that it's time to doze off), but it can help lull them off to sleep with rhythmic prose and whimsical illustrations. Plus, your child will get to boost their language and reading skills before bed.

A consistent bedtime routine that includes reading books together can be a grounding experience for both you and your child, allowing you to bond and create precious memories that will last a lifetime.

Plus, choosing from a wide variety of books to read every night adds novelty to a structured bedtime routine. Stories with sweet messages, such as With All My Heart, I Love You, can promote positive feelings right before a restful slumber. 

Meanwhile, your child will enjoy seeing a familiar face in the board book, Clifford's Bedtime. In this relatable story, Clifford brainstorms the many ways he can postpone bedtime, but eventually falls asleep and has sweet dreams.

There is also Peppa's Storytime Boxa wonderful option that provides books on all types of topics from ballet to swimming. Reading books about different topics is a great way to calm down your child's curious minds — and now they will have multiple sources of inspiration for their dreams.  

Looking for more tips? See all expert advice about establishing reading routines at home, including recommended bedtime stories for older kids.

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