A Digital Tribute Book

In this digital keepsake, authors, employees, educators, and many more share their memories of Dick Robinson who changed the publishing industry forever by helping young people discover who they are through the joy of reading, and who instilled in them the determination to navigate their futures and become the people they want to be.


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An Enduring Legacy

As Scholastic celebrated its 100th year, Dick Robinson, Chairman & CEO of the largest publisher and distributor of children’s books, was thinking about the future. A passionate champion of children’s literacy and education, he knew there would always be teachers looking for resources to prepare their students for the complex world they would one day inherit — and children who had yet to discover the book that would spark a lifelong love of reading and change the way they think about themselves and the world. Through them, he found his greatest inspiration.

Charged by his father, Scholastic founder M.R. “Robbie” Robinson, to create an educational force built on integrity and “straight thinking,” Dick dedicated his whole life to that promise. He believed that providing children with stories of courage and hope, characters who stir the imagination, and information that inspires critical thinking and empathy helps them become engaged citizens. This belief is etched into our Credo. It reminds us that our work in service of children, and the teachers and parents who support them, is vital to a society free from hate and prejudice where every voice is valued and where everyone can participate equally.

We can never adequately express our immense gratitude for the opportunity to work alongside Dick Robinson or the profound loss we feel in his absence, but we can honor his memory and his legacy by looking to the future he so believed in and dedicating ourselves to the mission he loved so much.

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Always in Our Thoughts

“Dick was a friend of literacy teachers and a tireless advocate for books, reading, and children. He always seemed to have time for the professionals that meant so much to him. He loved us. He loved the company his father built. But he loved even more those who devoted themselves to the social and academic development of our children. He was our champion and we will never forget him.”

—Ernest Morrell, NCTE Past President

“Dick Robinson was more than just a visionary and a publisher. He was a brave explorer who didn't worry about risks. He opened the door for us to dream big. He was a writer and artist himself and fought for the equality and acceptance of all people. I will miss his sharp wit, forward vision, and the overwhelming love he gave to me and my family.”

—Dav Pilkey, Dog Man series

“Dick was a wise, kind and humane man, who leaves behind him an extraordinary legacy in the world of children’s literature. He was an early champion of Harry Potter and a stalwart support to me through the twenty-four years we knew each other. My thoughts are with everyone at Scholastic, who I know will be reeling from this unexpected news, and above all with Dick’s family, to whom I send my deepest sympathy.”

—J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter series

“Dick was a relentless advocate for literacy. It will take time to process this great loss, but I know with all my heart that Dick’s spirit will continue to inspire and ripple on, changing the world.”

—Peter H. Reynolds, Say Something!

“With his incredible vision, leadership, and soulful guidance Dick has built a company that lifts and amplifies the voices and stories of so many; and educates our most valued, our children, by sharing the Truth.” 

—Ruby Bridges, Through My Eyes

“A legend may have left us, but his legacy is everlasting.”

—Tami Charles, All Because You Matter