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First introduced in 1945, the Scholastic Credo and Editorial Platform is a statement of our corporate values and mission. It remains largely unchanged since 1970.

It All Begins with a Story

Our Businesses

Scholastic is the world's largest publisher and distributor of children's books, connecting educators and families through accessibility, engagement, and expertise. We are a leading provider of literacy curriculum, professional services, and classroom magazines, and a producer of educational and popular children’s media. Scholastic is currently in 115,000 schools, reaching 3.8 million educators, 54 million students, and 78 million parents/caregivers domestically.

Children's Books

Providing children access to quality books through Trade, Book Clubs, and Book Fairs

In the Classroom

Supporting teachers and students through literacy instruction, classroom magazines, and digital programs


Operating in more than 135 locations around the world, with original publishing of trade books, and educational and instructional materials

Senior Management


Board of Directors

Peter Warwick

President and Chief Executive Officer

Corporate Social Responsibility & Impact

Scholastic is committed to conducting our business in a responsible and meaningful way. We continually work to ensure that we operate in a way that is beneficial to all of our stakeholders—teachers, parents, and schools, our employees, our local communities, and our customers—who contribute to and inform our corporate social responsibility focus.

Scholastic Book Donations

Improving global literacy

Scholastic Art & Writing Awards

Supporting the future of creativity

Research and Reports

Scholastic spearheads original research and thought leadership on topics related to literacy and equity to gain deeper insights into the views and experiences of families and educators. 

Kids & Family Reading Report™

A biennial survey that explores family attitudes and behaviors around reading books for fun


Teacher & Principal School Report

A national survey of educators on issues affecting public schools, including equity in education and literacy

We all have reasons to love reading.

Reading opens your mind. Reading Builds Bridges. Reading is a Shared Journey.


In honor of Scholastic's 100th Anniversary, we asked our authors and illustrators to answer the question: What's a reason you love reading? The response is a dazzling collection that gets to the heart of why books matter so much.  Whether they are remembering a book that meant the world to them or conjuring the magical way that books took them to worlds far beyond their own, these authors show us with exuberance, insight, and humor how the joys of reading are often inseparable from the joys of life itself.