Always in Our Thoughts

“Dick’s indelible smile lit up my days and collectively, the world.” 

Goldie Hawn, Founder, The Hawn Foundation; MindUp

“Even when graphic novels were new to the children’s book mass market, Dick was an advocate and champion. Millions of kids benefited from that enthusiasm, and he leaves behind an incredible legacy.” 

Raina Telgemeier, Author and Illustrator Smile

“Dick Robinson created a family at Scholastic, and I'm proud to say I've been a part of that family for almost thirty years… He never tired of sharing his enthusiasm with us. Dick made Scholastic more than a business. He made it home.” 

Brian Selznick, Author and Illustrator Hugo Cabret

"I loved listening to Dick Robinson when he spoke about the power of reading, and the importance of children having access to books. He was a passionate advocate for literacy, and his influence will shape generations of readers for years to come. He was dynamic, engaging, and approachable—a true story-teller—and he will be greatly missed.”

Varian Johnson, Author Playing The Cards You’re Dealt

“He was an extraordinary leader in children’s publishing and a generous mentor and colleague to generations of professionals, not only in children’s books but across the entire publishing industry. Dick believed deeply in the power of publishing to inspire students and drive progress… We send our heartfelt condolences to Dick’s family, friends, and everyone in the Scholastic community.” 

Maria A. Pallante, President and CEO of Association of American Publishers  

“Like so many, I am heartbroken to lose Dick Robinson, who has been an ardent champion for educators, children, book creators, and the Scholastic family. He left his gifts on our doorstep: his enthusiasm, his commitment to the power of every story, his generous and kind spirit, and his stalwart presence which became, for many of us, a reassuring mooring. I will be forever grateful for his unwavering support of me and my titles.” 

Pam Muñoz Ryan, Author Mañanaland

“(Dick) cheered me on from the sidelines during booth presentations and championed my work. We bonded over our shared, unwavering quest to bring books and readers together. I will be forever grateful for the support Dick showed me as a professional author and fellow believer in the magic that happens when a child dives into the perfect book.” 

Maria Walther, Author and Educator

“Dick had an astonishing instinct for children’s books. I will miss very much our many years of conversations, his enthusiasm, and his boundless support. He was endlessly encouraging, and never critical. He was clever, very kind, generous, and I will miss him greatly.”

Peter Usborne, founder and MD of Usborne

 “Dick Robinson knew how important it was to get books into the hands of kids like me. Few knew how many books he donated to schools and communities in need like mine. He didn't do it for publicity; he did it because he knew it mattered… Years later, I had the pleasure of working for him at Scholastic. No matter who you were or what you did, Dick knew your name and greeted you with interest. He was remarkable that way. Thank you again, Dick Robinson. You will be missed.” 

Wiley Blevins, Author and Educator 

“Dick Robinson, in my mind, will always symbolize the joy and importance of reading the finest books. He dedicated Scholastic to developing a wide range of libraries for schools, putting the best books in the hands of children. Dick honored and respected children. He honored and respected teachers. Through his generosity, he gave the gift of literacy to countless children.”

Laura Robb, Author and Educator

“(Dick’s) contributions to and leadership of literacy and literacy education are monumental and will affect generations of children to come.” 

Timothy Rasinski, Author and Educator

“So many of us owe our early love of literature to Scholastic, but more specifically, Dick Robinson’s Scholastic. What an honorable legacy he leaves behind in each of us, and in the work we’re able to do because of his singular vision.”

Leah Johnson, Author You Should See Me In A Crown

“(Dick’s) enthusiasm, his leadership, and his mission to bring quality books to every child lives on in the work we all do each day. He was truly our champion and will be greatly missed.” 

Patti Ann Harris, Creative Director of Cartwheel and Orchard Books, Scholastic Inc. 

“Insightful, passionate, wise, and giving. A wonderful man who impacted the lives of so many children across the world — and some grown-ups too. My deepest sympathy to the Scholastic family and particularly to Dick’s immediate family. He will be long missed.” 

Shane Armstrong, former Scholastic International President

“Dick was relentlessly curious and innovative. He took bold, sometimes risky steps into technology and gaming (and I was lucky to work with him on these) and realized the potential these then-new sectors could have to educate and inspire children far earlier than most. His background as a writer and as a teacher was always evident.”

Nicola Usborne, deputy MD at Usborne

“Dick Robinson was a teacher’s teacher. He understood our profession because he was one of us. He understood our goals and frustrations and worries and concerns for children… He supported us in creating books that would enthrall, programs that would provide solutions, and ideas that would inspire. The void his passing creates in the world of education will be with us forever.” 

Ellen Lewis, Author and Educator

“Dick truly was a living legend. This is a very huge loss.”

Carol Fitzgerald, President of The Book Reporter Network

Dick Robinson’s enthusiasm for reading and ensuring that books are accessible to families has been nothing less than inspiring. He truly valued educators, students, and families. He helped make our lives a little happier.

— Manda Cawthon, Instructional Specialist, C.T. Walker Traditional Magnet School

I will forever be appreciative of the time spent getting to know the ins and outs of Scholastic and talking with Dick during my teacher advisor year. At NCTE 2 years after my trip, and he remembered our group from NYC. We talked about the love he had for working beside teachers, not in front of them or above them, but ensuring he was getting books into kids hands, books kids need. I saw the love and drive and passion he had and that was just a few short years ago. I am looking forward to seeing his legacy continue and the need for books to thrive through Scholastic as his legacy lives on.

— Cassie Thomas, NBMS 6-8 Interventionist, ELA Department Chair

Dick was kind, funny and has made an impact on this world that few ever achieve. I remember being in awe of him as he spoke to our group of Scholastic advisors. I was lucky enough to be seated next to him at the formal dinner. I asked Mr. Robinson when he became the CEO of Scholastic. He asked, “What year were you born?” When I replied ‘79, he smiled and said, “A few years before you were born.” I have always treasured that interaction. Thank you Dick for everything you have done for kids, teachers, and literacy.

Shannon H. Langston, Teacher Advisor

“Back in January, I saw the segment on CBS Sunday Morning with him about the 100th anniversary of Scholastic. I reached out to him via email a few days later, and a few days after that, he sent me back the nicest thank you message! I was not surprised that he took the time to answer back, because that is the kind of person that he was. Please know that I share in this tremendous loss and know that his legacy will be a strong one — due mainly to the outstanding work that Scholastic has done in the past and will continue to do in the future.” 

Anne Pegram, NCTE Member Emeritus