Admongo Student Worksheets

Use the printables below to support your teaching of the Admongo program. Each student printable accompanies a lesson or bonus activity and can be used in the classroom or sent home with students for homework.

"Be Ad Aware" (PDF): This worksheet asks your students to work in groups to review and compare advertisements. Use with Lesson 1.

"What’s in an Ad?" (PDF): This homework activity will encourage students to evaluate an ad and discuss what they think about it. Use following Lesson 1.

"Ad Techniques” (PDF): This printable provides your students with details about different techniques that advertisers use and how to recognize them. Use with Lesson 2.

"What is an Ad Saying?" (PDF): Students will compare and contrast two ads to determine how different ad techniques are used. Use following Lesson 2.

"Create an Ad!" (PDF): Give your students a chance to work together to create their own ads, including discovering their audience, choosing techniques, and placing the ad. Use with Lesson 3.

"Ad Literacy Quiz" (PDF): Test your students’ knowledge with this helpful assessment tool. Use with Lesson 4.

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