Ad Library

Welcome! Have a look around the Ad Library! Download the valuable assortment of ad examples below to accompany the lessons in the Admongo program. Share the PDFs with your class to help illustrate the concepts discussed in the lessons.

Click on the links below to download the PDFs.

In the Print Advertisements section of the Ad Library, you’ll find PDFs of sample ads as they might appear in magazines, on posters, or on coupons.
Download a PDF of Print Ad Samples

Ads that are categorized under the Digital Advertisements heading are formatted for a digital medium, such as those that might be sent along via email.
Download a PDF of Digital Ad Samples

These Video Advertisements might be seen on television, at the movies, or online.
View the video ads here.

These Other Advertisements are ads that aren’t easily classified—they challenge the more conventional mediums by which advertisers reach their target audience.
Download a PDF of Other Ad Samples