Lesson 3: Ad Creation

This lesson lets students see how research affects how ads are created and targeted—and lets students create their own ad.

Students will create an ad for a product that appeals to a target audience.

Worksheet 3, pens, markers, and paper


1. Tell students to imagine that they are creating an ad for a cereal. Explain that they need to know the cereal’s target audience. The cereal maker says its target is space aliens! Ask students: If you want the ad to appeal to space aliens, but you don’t know anything about them, what can you do?

2. Tell students that advertisers often use research to learn about their target audience. They interview and survey groups of people to find out what they like. Write the following example on the board:


3. Ask students to create an ad based on this information. Ask: What’s the better choice—a magazine ad or an Internet ad? (magazine) How do you know? (The research says space aliens like magazines and dislike computers.)

4. Tell students to pick an image for their ad. Ask: What’s a better image—an alien flying in space or an alien swimming? (flying in space) Why? (It will appeal more to the audience.) What color should the ad be? (green) Why? (Aliens like green.)

5. Write these words on the board: slimy and crunchy. Ask: Which would be the best word for the ad? (slimy) Why? (Aliens love slimy foods.)

6. Ask students to think about where the ad should appear. Choose from these magazines: Swimmer’s
World, The Earthling News, and Rocket Ship Weekly.

7. Distribute copies of Worksheet 3 and give out pens, markers, and extra paper. Then, divide students into four groups and think of a different product for each group to advertise (such as sneakers, snacks, or toys). Tell students to start by reviewing the chart in Part 1. Instruct students to use this information to choose the audience that best fits their product.


8. Have students present their completed ads to the class. Hang up the ads to show off students’ cre-ad-tivity!