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Missing School for a Family Vacation?

Here's how your child can stay on top of his homework while you're away.

Learning Benefits

Balancing family time with your child’s education can get tricky around school vacations. The secret: Have a plan so that your child can be ready to roll when he returns. A week or two before the trip, let the teacher know that your child will be out. “Then the teacher can either prepare a guide for him or discuss the unit with you and send home worksheets,” says Hinda Moskovitz, a fourth-grade teacher at a Baltimore private school. 

While you’re away, schedule your child’s schoolwork — set aside 20 minutes after breakfast every day or let him do the bulk of it on the plane ride coming and going. To bump up the educational side, have your child keep a journal that he can share with his classmates when he’s back. Keep his math brain busy by handing over a map and letting him track where you are and how many miles you’ve traveled. Or give your child a set amount for souvenirs and make him stick to the budget as he shops.

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