Remote Learning: Check out this activity sheet about safe medicine dosing
for an at-home task.

Sponsored Educational Materials

Over-the-counter medicine safety

Engage students in a critical conversation
about responsible medicine use.

Grades 5–8

ELA and Science Lessons and Activities
on OTC Medicine Safety

Over 20,000 kids per year need medical attention due to medicine mistakes or misuse.*

“I like that it is a nonfiction unit that has REAL-WORLD value to my students.” —Grade 5 Teacher, California

“It was an EYE-OPENER to the students and me how much they
did not know about medicine safety.”
—Grade 5 Teacher, Rhode Island

Foster Medicine Safety With Videos
for Teachers and Students

Use the teacher videos to walk through the OTC Medicine Safety program resources and hear how other teachers used the program to enhance their existing curriculum. Then show the kid-friendly video exploring the Drug Facts label in your classroom.

Watch Videos

“This is a very CURRENT problem, and the visuals of the poster, etc.,
are great. I also love that the activities can be done in a timely fashion.”
—Health Teacher, New York