Make Class a Place to Share Learning, Not Germs.

As the #1 Pediatrician-recommend brand and trusted champion of health for over a 100 years, LYSOL® Brand is committed to fighting germs in the classroom so that children can learn and thrive in school. LYSOL® is now in its fourth year of providing schools with extensive resources that are designed to educate students on healthy habits and teach ways to minimize contact with illness causing germs.

You’re invited to take part in the LYSOL® Healthy Habits Story Writing Contest, in which LYSOL® is awarding $25,000 in total cash prizes to schools! You could win thousands of dollars for your school plus Scholastic books for your classroom—not to mention a free Scholastic book just for submitting a valid entry!

How to Enter the LYSOL® Healthy Habits Story Writing Contest
  1. Download the LYSOL® Healthy Habits Story Writing Contest Handbook
  2. Detach the Submission Form (see page 7 of the Handbook) and complete all fields

  3. Complete the Healthy Habits Story Writing Contest Lesson Plan (see pages 5-6 of the Handbook) with your class

  4. Mail your completed submission form and classroom Healthy Habits Storybook to Scholastic (entries must be postmarked by November 16th, 2012)
Thank you for doing your part to help keep your students healthy and in the classroom. Good Luck.

Click HERE for the Official Rules.
PLUS 25 Scholastic books will be awarded to each of the 18 winning classrooms and a FREE book given to the first 1,000 teachers who submit a valid entry.
12 Healthy Habits Lessons that could help you reinforce healthier habits at school and at home.
Healthy Habits
Informative Teacher’s Guide with helpful Q&A and tips for teaching good hygiene in the classroom.
Good Hygiene In The Classroom
Access the Family Guide to Good Hygiene in the Home. Important information and tips to provide your parents.
Good Hygiene In The Home
Dr. Jana’s Healthy Tips
Prominent pediatrician and fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics, Dr. Laura Jana offers important tips for healthy living.
Read Dr. Jana’s Healthy Tips
Let’s Talk About
Healthy Habits
Share ideas, get advice, hear other opinions, and provide your own view in the Healthy Habits Forum.
Join the Conversation
Save the Date
Download this complimentary desktop calendar to remember all of your important dates – especially entering the LYSOL® Healthy Habits Story Writing Contest.
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