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Find Just-Right Books

Find Just-Right Books

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Thinking & Creativity

Discover these fun and easy ways to encourage learning through playing outside with your child.
Use these tips to encourage your child’s critical thinking skills.
Help your child learn about the 50 states — and get relief from the backseat boredom.

Physical Development

Have a healthier season by adding more fruits and vegetables to your family's table.
For young children, the whole body is an avenue for exploring and growing. Here's how to work...
Get kids involved (and eating healthier) with these brown-bag updates.

Parent Guides

Review general curricula for first grade, what to expect for each subject, and activities that can be...
Review general curricula for 2nd Grade, what to expect for each subject, and activities that can be...
The I SPY books feature riddles by Jean Marzollo and photographs by Walter Wick, and are great for...

Language & Speech

This is a time of rapid vocabulary expansion. Read more about your 6- to 7-year-old’s language...
Learn your child's key language milestones from infancy to age 6.
These activities can supplement a child's speech or language therapy program.

Social & Emotional Life

From school shootings to roadside accidents, frightening events happen every day. Learn how to...
How to raise a child who appreciates, respects, and enjoys the diversity of life.
Learn the benefits behind your child's laughter and 11 easy ideas to bring on the giggles.

Activities & Fun

If the weather isn't cooperating and your kids can't go...
Our lovely Valentine’s crafts will charm your children and fill your...
Put together the pieces to create a Valentine’s message.
Before kids share a book with a friend, ask them to have this book...
Your child will warm up to this reading and writing mini book that...
Rank the books your kids read and keep score of which is the best they...