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School Success

School Success


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Find Just-Right Books

Find Just-Right Books

Essential Parent Tools

Grade by Grade Guides

Homework Help

Check out our parent primers on the topics your child is studying.
Here's a handful of articles to make homework less of a hassle.
Basic digital skills you can help your child master for success in school and in life.

School Life

Choose extracurriculars that offer skill-building fun -- but watch out for over-scheduling.
Start the day friendly, not frantic.
Encourage and support your child as he enters the world of extra-curricular activities.

Parent Guides

Review general curricula for 1st Grade, what to expect for each subject and activities that can be...
Review general curricula for 2nd Grade, what to expect for each subject and activities that can be...
Get resources, grade-by-grade guides, book lists, printables, and tips for homeschooling success.

School Involvement

Parents from around the country donate their top moneymaking strategies.
Weed through the array of options to find the perfect fit for your child.
Take time out to celebrate the work of your local educators during National Teacher Appreciation...

Top Book Lists

Find biographies and fiction on African Americans who...
Celebrate the history of African-Americans with these...
Your child will discover Groundhog's Day legends...

Activities & Fun

If the weather is not cooperating and you can't go outside, set up...
Learn about pollution with this experiment.
How much water does it take?
Prompt your young child to practice math by counting to 10 with this...
Help your child practice skip counting with this printable activity...
Your child will warm up to this reading and writing mini book that...