Core Clicks is a powerful yearlong ELA program from the creators of Scholastic News® and Weekly Reader®. Completely online, Core Clicks allows teachers to use their existing classroom technology to build the close reading skills required by the Common Core Standards.

Designed for Grades K–5, Core Clicks combines highly engaging nonfiction texts, interactive instruction of core skills, and performance-based assessment in one easy-to-use program. It features over 100 text-based interactive lessons called Text Studies. Each Text Study uses a compelling science or social studies informational text to teach one major close reading skill like main idea, cause & effect, and author’s purpose to name a few.

To teach and reinforce the critical ELA skill, Text Studies guide users through THREE Reads of the text. With each encounter, new interactive perfomance tasks and multimedia features give students many opportunities to learn and apply the ELA skill that the Text Study focuses on. Here’s how the Core Clicks Three Read System works:

First Encounter: READ IT

  • Listen to an audio clip and watch and introductory video to set a purpose for reading
  • Read through the highly engaging text
  • Click on boldfaced words for quick vocabulary exercises that will assess students’ ability to determine word meaning from context

Second Encounter: ANALYZE IT

  • Answer text-dependent questions on each page
  • Identify essential parts of the text with text-marking activities

Third Encounter: DISCUSS IT

  • Thought-provoking discussion prompts on every page of the text spark meaningful classroom discussions

Core Clicks also comes with performance-based assessment features that build the skills required by the Common Core Standards. Reading Checkpoints have students apply major close reading skills to unfamiliar texts as they’ll be required to do on higher level assessments.

Best of all, many of Core Clicks’ performance and assessment features are trackable. With handy classroom management tools just for teachers, users will be able to assess progress of students and generate reports.