A Read-Aloud Mentoring Program

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Scholastic R.E.A.L. is a literacy-based mentoring program that gives schools, districts, public libraries, and community-based organizations the tools they need to recruit and equip mentors—caring individuals from the community—to be reading champions. With high-quality, diverse books and companion guides (for mentors, students, and families), mentors are empowered to support children’s academic success through read-alouds and book discussions.

Why Scholastic R.E.A.L.?

Children Developing Skills

Expand Home Libraries

Nurture reading and get access to four diverse, high-quality, take-home books in each grade-level set.

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Mentoring That Delivers

Recruit, equip, and empower reading mentors in your community with REAL tools to support you.

Support a culture of literacy with easy-to-use resources.

The Outcomes Are Significant

This program is a game changer for us...Every child needs a mentor and something meaningful happens when volunteers from our community share their love for reading. We partner with Scholastic R.E.A.L. as a vehicle to get more mentors in schools.”


—Equity Specialist and Coordinator

“This program has been a big success for us. Our students get extra attention from positive role models. On top of that, the mentors have developed relationships with the schools that have helped the district in ways we had not even imagined.”


—School District Superintendent

“Someone invested in us growing up and our mission is to do what we can so we are providing [students] with the necessary avenue for success.”


—Scholastic R.E.A.L. Mentor

Easy Ways to Get Started