Administr@tor Magazine
May 2008
Scholastic Administr@tor - Feburary 2008 cover
  • Features
  • Video Gaming During Class
    They're fun. They teach valuable lessons. And kids won't give up on them until they master them. It's time to bring educational video games to your district.
  • The Housing Crisis Hits Schools
    The fall in the housing market is hurting the budgets of school districts across the country. Here's what administrators are doing to stem the damage.
  • What High Achievers Need
    With so much focus on bringing struggling students up, are districts neglecting students at the top?
  • Where to Find Great Principals
    How is an outstanding principal like a great CEO? Researchers Susan Penny Gray and William A. Streshly have the answer.
  • Hands-On Favorites: How to Manage Your Media
    Four districts' top tech specialists review the best software systems for managing new media.
  • TECH TOOLS: The Latest in Ed Tech
    The best deals on wireless keyboards, the fastest Mac around, and more.
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