Research and Reports

Kids & Family Reading Report

The Scholastic Kids & Family Reading Report is a biennial, national survey of children ages 6–17 and their parents in the U.S. exploring attitudes and behaviors around reading books for fun.

Around the globe, the Kids & Family Reading Report has also been released in the United Kingdom.

School Libraries Work!

The 2016 Edition of School Libraries Work! provides evidence of the positive impact of school librarians and libraries on student learning, while confirming that when school librarian staffing is reduced, student achievement in English language arts (ELA) suffers. From leading experts including Dr. Carol C. Kuhlthau, Dr. Keith Curry Lance and Dr. Ross J. Todd, the national- and state-level findings from more than 30 separate research studies included in the report demonstrate the integral role school libraries play in teaching and supporting student success.

Primary Sources

The goal of Primary Sources is to ensure the voice of teachers is at the center of the dialogue surrounding education. This report is for educators, policymakers, education stakeholders and parents.