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Professional and Consumer Magazines

Providing fresh perspectives for families and professionals

Educators and families alike turn to Scholastic professional and consumer magazines for the most current information and the freshest ideas, whether they’re first year teachers, seasoned superintendents, or parents. Scholastic’s professional magazines, Instructor and Administr@tor, are packed with resources, expert advice, innovative strategies, and practical tips for education professionals. Instructor is also the oldest and largest educator magazine, reaching 1.2 million K-8 educators.

In schools, Scholastic provides integrated communications and education campaigns that reach educators, students, and families. From initiatives like the 2010 Census In Schools: It's About Us education initiative to health and civic responsibility programs, Scholastic provides valuable, free materials for schools, educators, students and families throughout the U.S.

And for families, there’s Parent & Child, which makes the home-school connection a reality by helping parents tap into the latest education research, translated into everyday language, to better understand their children’s growth and needs.