Review these helpful reminders to keep your baby room a happy and safe place to play:

Keep items that can cause choking, such as safety pins, balloons, buttons, coins, and bobby pins, away from children.

Keep cribs free of items that can cause suffocation, such as pillows, heavy blankets, and large stuffed animals.

Test the temperature of infant formula and children's food and drink before serving. Microwave ovens are not recommended for warming bottles.

Make sure that the sides of cribs are raised and securely fastened in place.

Keep mobiles and venetian blind cords out of reach.

Make sure all sharp edges are removed from toys.

Keep dolls and stuffed animals that have small objects, such as buttons or beads on them, away from children. These can come loose and present a choking hazard.

Use safety straps in high chairs and strollers and on changing tables.

This article originally appeared in the November, 2000 issue of Early Childhood Today.