3 Ways To Boost Classroom Confidence

Help your shy kid shine with these tips.

By Caralee Adams




Talk to his teacher. If your child is struggling with shyness in the classroom, his teacher will know it, so try to work together to figure out how to help make him more comfortable. Proximity to the teacher tends to benefit introverted kids, so ask if your child can be seated in the front of the classroom, says Michele Borba, Ed.D., author of The Big Book of Parenting Solutions. And try to find out whether or not the teacher gives students a moment of “wait time” to think about questions before blurting out answers — kids are more likely to raise their hands if they get some thinking time first.

Nurture her nature. Maybe your kid gets excited for art class on Wednesdays or enjoys kicking around the soccer ball with a friend — find out what will win her some acclaim and encourage her to go for it. “If you figure out one thing your child excels in that will make her stand out, that’s all she’ll need,” says Borba. That something — big or small — will help her look forward to the day.

Find a best buddy for him — and you. Ask your teacher if there’s another student in the classroom that your child’s especially close with, since one or two close pals can really help bring shy kids out of their shells, says Borba. And befriending the parents of other kids can be hugely beneficial for both you and your child — while a shy kid might not score that birthday party invite, his friendly mom definitely will.

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