Websites Where Kids Can Create Books

The computer can be a great encourager to start children writing.
By Susan Stephenson



Websites Where Kids Can Create Books

Experiencing success and enjoyment with writing is something we all want for our youngsters. The computer can be a great encourager to start children writing. Here are some websites where you and your kids can make digital books, with links to more information about them. I always advise adult supervision when children use the Internet. Apart from safety concerns, our kids can learn such a lot from carrying out these activities with us.

Bookr is a tool that helps kids to write their own simple digital books, using images sourced from Flickr. Read about it in more detail at The Book Chook.

Storyjumper is a great website where kids can read stories written by other kids, as well as create and publish their own books. Read about it in more detail at The Book Chook.

Little Bird Tales is a secure site that encourages children to create stories and artwork of their own. You can upload children's own drawings from your computer, or kids can use the art pad to create with. It's free to try, and not too expensive for a premium account. Read about it in more detail at The Book Chook.

Storybird is so much fun! There's lots of stunning artwork from adult illustrators available, and members can use this to illustrate their own stories. Read more at The Book Chook, and check out my sample storybird.

ToonDoo is a great website where young people can create their own cartoons and comics by manipulating artwork, speech bubbles, text, and templates. It has a book-making feature where you compile your created comics into a book. For more information, read Making a Book at ToonDoo.

My Story Maker comes from Carnegie Library. A Story Helper makes suggestions to get the story moving along. "You have the power to decide -- choosing characters, taking them on adventures and creating your very own story along the way. My Story Maker lets you control characters and objects -- and it creates sentences for you! Or, you can enter your own words. Once you are done with your story, you can print it out." When kids are happy with a story, they can print it, share it, or download it. Read more in Great Online Story Maker.

At Sesame Workshop's Pinky Dinky Doo children can choose from Silly Story, Ghost Story, Fairy Tale, Mystery, and Outer Space Story. Picture clues and voice directions help kids choose words to fill in the blanks in that story's template. There's lots of reinforcement of the reading/writing link as your child's story is read over each time a choice is made.

You might also like to read Tools for Digital Storytelling. Do you have a favorite site for encouraging kids to write? Let us know about it on the Scholastic Parents Facebook page.

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