Swoon-worthy 3-D Sequin Shimmer Art

Shimmer Art makes creating masterpieces easy for kids of almost all ages!

By Amy Mascott
Jun 13, 2016



Jun 13, 2016

What’s better than an afternoon with friends? An afternoon with friends—and crafts! And if you make that craft the new Shimmer Art, by the editors of Klutz, and the afternoon can hardly get better.

My tweens, Maddy and Cora, and their pals had a blast reading the Shimmer Art kit book, following the directions, and creating sparkling masterpieces together. Though the girls wanted to tear through the book, glancing at directions and then getting right into their art, they really needed to slow down in order to know what to do properly.

Like most of the Klutz art books, the directions are clear and comprehensive. Most steps have a photo or illustration, so a close read and look at the pages will yield an understanding of the concept.

Step by step, the girls worked together to learn how to wrap the boards, choose sequins, and then pin the board.

Creating a Peacock

It really was a comfortable combination of reading and crafting for each girl who ranged in age from 9 through 12 years old.

The finished products? Definitely swoon-worthy. Take a look at some of the girls’ finished Shimmer Art masterpieces:

Shimmer Art - The Ballgown

1. The Ballgown

Shimmer Art - Peacock

2. The Seahorse

Shimmer Art - Peacock

3. The Peacock

(Not pictured: 4. The Hot Air Balloon - also gorgeous!)

The masterpieces made the perfect addition to each girl’s bedroom.

Something cool about the design of the kit is that the sequins aren’t totally secured to the canvas; rather, they’re pinned. Because they're pinned, they hang loosely and can shimmer and move freely, which make them sparkle and shine in the light. They’re really beautiful.

The girls did say that because they were working together, they wished the set came with two “custom pin-pushing and sequin picker-upper tools” (not kidding—that’s really what it’s called!), but perhaps that just means we needed to have another set!

Overall, they loved it. And they sat chatting and shimmer art crafting for close to three hours on a Friday afternoon.  It was really a ton of fun.

What are your favorite art sets for kids? Please tell us on the  Scholastic Parents Facebook page, or find me on Twitter @teachmama to continue the conversation!

FYI: Amy Mascott was given the Shimmer Art book to read and try with her children. It was a hit. All opinions belong solely to Amy Mascott and are influenced only by her experience as a parent and educator and her shimmer artists and their friends. 

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