Summer Math Printable for Grades 4-8: What's Missing?

Use this printable worksheet for reinforcing your kids& addition and subtraction concepts.
By Jennifer Hogan
Jul 19, 2016



Jul 19, 2016

Here’s another great worksheet to have kids practice their number sense during the summer. This is a more advanced concept of addition and subtraction that uses whole numbers, decimals, and fractions. Children need to find the missing component of the number sentence using addition and/or subtraction. I like to use lots of different looking equations to keep students flexible with their thinking — that way, kids do not become robotic while solving problems. 

A great strategy is to have your child solve these problems using mental math — tell him to put down pencil and paper. If he struggles to answer any of the problems, have him to use a number line to help find the missing number. One time your child might use addition and another time subtraction. Either operation can be used to solve all of the problems since they are the inverse of each other, so encourage your child to use the operation they are the most comfortable with. 

To print out the worksheet, click on the image below.

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