Suddenly It Clicks: Using Technology for Play and Learning

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By Gail Lovely



Suddenly It Clicks: Using Technology for Play and Learning


We are excited to share ideas with you about how technology can be a positive part of what you and your children do together. 

Technology is a part of the world. It can guide us as we drive, help us find a book, unite us with those far away, remind us it is time to pick up our kids, and provide games (both thought provoking and mind-numbing). 

But what about our children?  

Many children are drawn to the bright screens and the interesting sounds. Their engagement with these devices is both fascinating, and for some, frightening. 

As parents we recognize that there are times when this kind of magical attraction to the screen can come in handy, as a sort of electronic pacifier, a soothing tool in the midst of dinner construction or while waiting in the unending line at the Big Box Store. This engagement can provide opportunities for learning too.

Perhaps you have wondered how these powerful screens might be used in different ways. You may be wondering what kinds of apps are “best” for children at age 2 or 4 or 6 years old. Maybe you are looking for ways to have the screens in your purse, pocket or home be more like family campfires and less like isolation islands... that is why we are here!

In upcoming posts we will share great ways to use the technology you have to create more laughter, more conversation, more thinking, and more fun together.

Here's a sneak peek at the sorts of things we will be sharing --

Sneak is an app that's a sneaky bit of fun! You and your child sneak up on a cute little monster who is on the iPad screen and tap him before he sees or hears you! You can almost certainly expect giggles when he catches you and runs away and raucous celebrating when you are sneaky enough to capture the monster's image!

Sneak HD by Made in Me

Available for iOS currently $1.99

Let us know what you are wondering about or hoping to learn related to technology and young people on the Scholastic Parents Facebook page, via email:, or tweet us at @suddenlyclicks

- Gail and Gayle

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