Silly Summer Goals Word Fill-In

What are your child's summer goals? Use this fun Word Fill-In printable to brainstorm silly and smart ideas.
By Bekki Lindner
May 29, 2016



May 29, 2016

It’s almost time for summer vacation, and this printable word fill-in is the perfect way to get your kids thinking about their summer goals. Word Fill-Ins are a fun way to introduce or discuss parts of speech. They help review nouns, adjectives, and verbs while creating a silly story with your children.

Will your child read 20 carrots or learn to tie their skateboards? Will she start her own sandal garden or a vegetable garden? The word fill-in is different every time you play, and always results in lots of laughs! You’ll have a ___________________ time doing this Word Fill-in with your family!

To print this free Printable, click below:

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