Roll a Holiday Story: A Christmas Reading Game

With multiple stories possible, this fill-in-the-blank printable lends itself to repetition, helping your child gain reading fluency with each version created.
By Bekki Lindner



Twinkling lights are on the houses. The smell of peppermint wafts through our kitchen and plates of holiday goodies sit on our counters. We’re spending time with friends and family, and counting our blessings from the past year. It’s the perfect time of year to cozy up with a holiday story and a cup of hot cocoa.

The “Roll a Holiday Story” printable gives kids the opportunity to practice reading and writing while getting ready for Christmas. Fill in the blanks and enjoy reading the completed story together.

As your kids roll the die, they’ll be eager to discover the direction their holiday story will head. Will they tour Santa’s toyshop or fly in his sleigh? Who will become their new North Pole friend — Frosty the Snowman or Mrs. Claus? Will they need to help shine Rudolph’s nose or stack up the presents?

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With 54 different holiday words and phrases, players are bound to create a very merry and ever-so-whimsical tale every time you play. With so many possible outcomes, this is an activity kids can play (and read!) again and again. All those repeated readings will help build their fluency — so keep the die rolling and find out you will spend your Christmas Eve.

Happy playing and happy holidays!

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