Practice Fractions With Cooking-Inspired Math Problems

Show your child real-world applications of fractions using this word problem worksheet printable focused on food, recipes, and portions.

By Jennifer Hogan
Nov 25, 2017




Nov 25, 2017

Fractions can be tough for young math-learners to comprehend, and solving fraction word problems can be even harder! However, fractions are a critical math concept for your child to grasp, and making math connections in everyday life is a great way to help your child learn.

Cooking presents a perfect opportunity for problem solving with fractions. This free printable will help your child visualize math when it's applied to real-world scenarios like recipes, portions, and food. Encourage your child to draw or model each situation. You can even act out a problem in the kitchen to help bring the math to life for your child! 


Featured Photo Credit: © shapecharge/iStockphoto

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