Play a Little Tune With Me

Use these apps with your children to make music fun.

By Gail Lovely



Play a Little Tune With Me

Bouncing, dancing, toe-tapping, singing...Music is a way to bring people together, communicate, and have fun. Families can really enjoy creating music together.

Music can help children listen for sounds and patterns — which are important elements for beginning to read — while also being playful and fun. Listen for high and low, loud and soft, and fast and slow, as well as how sounds can be combined. Help your child play with melodies, but also with beat and rhythm. Don't forget the most important thing: enjoy the joy of making a musical "masterpiece" together!

Ask questions like:

  • "When you hear this, what do you want to do?"                    
  • "This music makes me think of a racecar, it is so fast. What does it make you think of?"    
  • "I think I hear a horn. What do you hear?"
  • "Can I show you how this works?"
  • "I can do this part, and you can do the next part."
  • "I see how you did that, great! Look at what we can do next."
  • "What happens if I _____ (touch this, move that)?"               

Apps for Making Musical Fun

Sago Mini Music Box

Each touch of the screen plays the next note of a familiar song so even your littlest musician-to-be can play with music in this app. There are only 3 songs, but some hidden surprises along the way make for fun surprises, too.


A combination of animations, sound effects, melodies, rhythms, and fun animals AND a first entry into computer sequencing.  This is a playground for music… and a whole lot more.     

Monster Music Pro

Drag silly monsters onto a musical staff and make monstrously fun "music."


Explore and create beautiful music with the "smart" instruments. You and your child can simply play with them, or you can help your child learn to use the more complicated features.

Wheels on the Bus

Reading an illustrated story, listening to a catchy song, and playing instruments -- all at the same time -- makes learning together fun. Help your child explore the variety of features.

ABC Music       
Learn about instruments, hear them played, and explore the wide variety of music from around the world in both English and Spanish. You and your child may just get up and dance!

Have fun making music with your child! Listen to the rhythms and beats and make up words to go with them. Don't forget to share your songs with your family!

Be sure to check out our book Using an iPad with Your Preschooler for even more apps and ideas!

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