Online Summer Math Programs

These websites can be used to help make your child's summer learning more interactive and exciting while still focusing on reviewing specific concepts.
By Jennifer Hogan



Online Summer Math Programs

The end of the school year is approaching fast, and before you know it the days of summer will be upon us!  As a mother, I love spending more time with my children playing and exploring, and less time worrying about hectic schedules.  But as a teacher, I know the importance of keeping up with reading and math skills. I find it a challenge with my own children trying to reinforce these skills in the summer without it becoming a fight. 

A great way to take the pressure off of parents is to use websites that focus on specific skills and grade levels that will monitor your child's progress over time.  Many websites are designed for this exact purpose and can be a nice change from boring textbook or workbook pages.  My children love using these websites and never complain when it comes time to reinforce their math skills.  Below is a list of websites that can be used to help make summer work more interactive and exciting while still focusing on reviewing specific concepts.  


IXL is an online math practice website for students in junior kindergarten through grade 11.  Each grade level provides thousands of questions for students to complete and practice that will track their progress and send reports to parents.  Each question increases with difficulty as questions are answered correctly.  There are membership fees of $9.95/month or $79/year.


Khan Academy

Khan Academy has interactive challenges and assessments, as well as thousands of practice questions for students to complete.  Students earn badges along the way and can use them in a game form fashion. It is appropriate for all age groups and provides performance summaries for all work completed.  Sign up is FREE!

Ten Marks

Ten Marks prides itself on giving individual attention and motivation to students when they are struggling to answer questions correctly.  It instantly provides videos or online support to help students understand each concept and differentiate questions according to ability.  The summer math program is now being offered for FREE!

iPractice Math

iPractice Math is a site that provides multiple choice and short-answer practice for students in grades 1-12.  Questions are provided by topic and can be completed one at a time or in an online worksheet version.  Special reports are provided to highlight student achievement and areas of need.  The "Learn" tab provides step-by-step strategies and examples, as well as math vocabulary use.  Register today for FREE!


PARCC Games is a website designed to be one central location for parents and teachers to find games and interactive lessons for students to "play."  Search by grade level (K-6th) and topic to find areas for your children to continue practicing concepts in a fun way!  My students love these sites!!

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