Kids' Crafts Tips & Tricks From Klutz

From designing cuddly sloths to practicing STEM skills, get crafty with your kids using these creative kits from Klutz.
By Scholastic Parents Staff
Apr 04, 2018



Kids' Crafts Tips & Tricks From Klutz

Apr 04, 2018

Parents are always looking for new ways to foster their child's creativity. Whether your middle schooler needs a boost during a long holiday break or you're searching for unique activities to bring out your little one's inner artist, Klutz has a kit — no matter the age, grade, or stage.

Scholastic Parents sat down with Klutz Editorial Director, Caitlin Harpin, to learn more about some of their favorite products, the learning benefits of crafting, and some brand new books — while building a few kits of our own! 

Check out the list of titles featured below and if you missed our live chat, you can watch the video here

Preschool and Kindergarten 

Klutz Jr.: My Clothespin Zoo by Editors of Klutz

Elementary School 

Klutz: Make Your Own Puffy Stickers by Editors of Klutz

Middle Grade

Klutz: Maker Lab: Circuit Games by Editors of Klutz

Other Featured Titles 

Klutz: String Art by Editors of Klutz

Klutz: LEGO Make Your Own Movie: 100% Official LEGO Guide to Stop-Motion Animation by Editors of Klutz

Klutz: Maker Lab: Gumball Machine by Editors of Klutz

Klutz: Nail Style Studio by Eva Steele-Saccio

Make Your Own Bath Bombs 
by Editors of Klutz

Klutz: Make Your Own Mini Erasers by Editors of Klutz

Klutz: Mini Bake Shop 
by Editors of Klutz

To find more Klutz recommendations, visit the Scholastic Parents Facebook Page.

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