Junior Interior Designers Wanted

From vintage looks to modern styles, your kids can design their dream room with this creative book kit from KLUTZ.
By Allison McDonald
Dec 15, 2016



Dec 15, 2016

Creativity can have all different manifestations. Some kids create songs, some tell stories, some design dream rooms. At least they can now. Design Your Dream Room from KLUTZ is a junior interior designer’s dream come true. There are color swatches, different design themes, and a bunch of super awesome bedrooms just waiting for some style.

What I loved about this KLUTZ book was the detail. Wow, there was every kind of accessory a tween would want for their room.

The kit comes with everything you need - three room templates, design elements like cozy pillows, posters, and furniture punch outs.

It also makes the set a great option for travel. If your child shows up on a plane with this, it will keep her focused on a creative activity for hours. (And bonus points: You won't have to worry about charging anything for her before you leave!)

This was only the first of many rooms my daughter designed — and you better believe this is going to be packed in her carry-on for our next trip!

Photos courtesy of Allison McDonald.


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