Halloween Costumes & Crafts With Klutz

This October, get crafting! We've got ideas for DIY crafts, costumes, and more for Halloween.
Oct 16, 2018



Oct 16, 2018

Have fun getting crafty with your kids this Halloween! These Klutz kits and an interactive instructional video make it super easy. Discover simple ways to make DIY costumes, crafts and party decorations to get into the spirit of the spooky season. 

Check out the festive kits featured below, and, in case you missed it, watch our Facebook live chat with Scholastic Parents Senior Editorial Director Serena Kappes and Klutz Director of Product Development Hannah Rogge, to see hands-on demonstrations of how to put together the crafts.

And shop below for the kits featured in our chat!

Shop These Klutz Kits for Halloween

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