A Different Spin on Multiple Choice Questions

Have your 3rd-5th grader use this printable to practice solving multiple choice math problems with more than one correct answer.
By Jennifer Hogan
Sep 29, 2017



Sep 29, 2017

Multiple choice problems are the most common type of test-taking questions that children are taught. There are many “tricks” that your child can learn to help him become efficient answering multiple choice problems. They seem like easy problems to solve because the answer is listed, but many children make simple mistakes or choose the wrong answer even though they know the correct one in their head.

Now there is a new type of multiple choice question that doesn’t allow for only one correct answer. Instead it can have several solutions. These types of problems are often referred to as “select all” or “multiple select” questions because your child will have to evaluate each possible answer and decide whether each one is correct.

The benefits to this type of questioning is asking your child to use more reasoning than choosing just one possible answer. It forces him to look at the potential answers, and think logically about all the presented solutions before choosing the correct ones.

Help your child practice these type of problems with this select all Multiple Choice printable. It's appropriate for students in 3rd-5th grade.

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