Creating on a Rainy Day or Any Day!

These apps can bring your children&s imagination to the iPad and make art their own.

By Gail Lovely
Jul 25, 2015



Jul 25, 2015
Many children love to create, draw, build, sing, or dance... Encourage your children to use their imagination and creativity. Creativity opens the brain to possibilities and experiences, along with developing thinking and problem-solving skills. Making creations with cardboard, clay, paint, or shells is fun and to be encouraged as shared memory-making and brain-building activities. 
Using apps which are open-ended and encourage children to experiment with color, shapes, and patterns can play a role in developing creativity, however they are not substitutes for playing with paper, paints, and other objects. Playing with art in apps is another way to explore and experiment with mixing colors, combining shapes, and reflecting on art.  We are not fans of electronic "coloring books" or apps which allow only one way to make or create images or "art." We much prefer apps that are open-ended and allow kids to experiment, play, and create. These apps can bring your children's imagination to the iPad and make art their own. And besides, using an iPad to create is just fun and a great way to encourage conversation, discussion, and shared memories together.
When you introduce one of these apps to your child, she will at first want to just experiment with every feature of the app. That's GREAT! We do that, too. Playing reveals possibilities, perfects skills, and relieves stress. Encourage your child to explore apps and play, using the app in a new way or creating unusual paintings, music, stories, or topics. Allow her to make choices and do things her own way. Your child may discover a favorite app and keep coming back to it to create "masterpieces." Make sure that you talk with your child about her creations and even make some together. Let her know that there is no one right way and that you appreciate her efforts and creativity. Most of all, have fun with your child even if you think you cannot draw or paint!
As your child is creating with these apps, ask questions or make positive comments like these:
? "What do you like best about this app? What is your favorite part?"
? "Can you show _____ (your brother, sister, grandma, etc.) how to use that app?"
? "How did you decide to do that?" 
? "Why did that happen?"
? "Show me what you did..."
? "What if . . .?"
? "Tell me about your creation." 
? Look how much red (or blue or purple) you have used!
Apps for Creating Visual Images and Stories
Did you ever look at one of your child's drawings and wonder what the story was behind the picture? Your child can use the art tools in this app and then record a story using the built-in recording tool. 
While your child draws, the app will record whatever you and she talk about. Ask about the picture, have her tell what she is drawing, and then watch it as a movie when she is done. 
A collection of brightly-colored odd shapes are the building blocks of creativity in this app. You and your child can make amazing, imaginative creations together. 
Your youngster will love creating with this great set of art tools – crayons, markers, and more. This is an open-ended app which means you and your little one can explore together. Maybe take turns adding to a shared creation or exploring the textures of different media in this app and compare them to actual, non-digital media.
Your mini Monet can combine elements of famous artworks into his own masterpieces. You can share a bit about these artists if you and your child are interested and then when you go to the museum or art studio you might find some of these elements in the artwork there.
A free app that provides shapes, colors, and a freeform drawing pen. You and your child will be enthralled.
This app allows your child and you to combine sound and drawing in a highly-animated experience.
Be sure to check out our book Using an iPad with Your Preschooler for even more apps and ideas!
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