3 Tips for Helping Your Child Manage Frequent Tests

Cramming is not the answer! Instead, show your child that test prep is an ongoing activity.




Many parents and even more kids are aware of the increased emphasis on testing in classrooms. It is not uncommon for students to be given weekly tests on core subjects such as reading, spelling, math, science, and social studies. As your child will be confronted with tests throughout her education, here are tips for helping her:

1. The best test preparation is paying attention in class and getting assignments done. It is much better — emotionally and educationally — to keep up with schoolwork every day than to cram at the last minute. Just like exercise, it is better to work out several times a week rather than to push your limits once a week.

2. Keep schoolwork in balance with other emotional, social, and physical activities that support your child’s development. All children need a "balanced diet" of activities. For example, physical activity will help your child feel better and cope with test stress.

3. Don't stop studying when the test has been taken and the grade given. Be sure that your child reviews each test and gets help with correcting mistakes. This closes the testing loop!

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