50 Amazing Teachers Raising Funds to Support Kids This School Year

Kids need books in their hands to learn and grow to their full potential. Here’s how teachers nationwide are making it happen.
Jul 14, 2020
50 Amazing Teachers Raising Funds to Support Kids This School Year

Jul 14, 2020

This school year will undoubtedly bring unique challenges, but educators around the nation are rising to the occasion. Incredible teachers know that kids need essential tools such as diverse book collections, guided reading sets, chapter books, and much more to meet their full potential and grow into lifelong readers. 

For the most part, teachers have to pay out of pocket for these fundamental literacy supplies, which is why they’re engaging their community to raise funds to get books in the hands of kids. As a result, their students will be able to continue learning, reading, and thriving this school year. 

Want to make a difference for a student today? Read these heartwarming campaigns and contribute funds to the ones that speak to you most — it takes only seconds to donate. 

Grow Classroom Libraries 

Give Kids Books They See Themselves In 

Natalie recognizes the need to purchase books that represent all of her students. There are many unknowns about the upcoming school year, but the importance of representative reads is one thing she has no doubt about. “Whether we return in person or continue remote learning, one thing is certain — teachers are increasingly aware of the need for diverse books in the classroom,” says Natalie. She is raising funds to create a special collection of inclusive literature for her students. 

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Help a Teacher Start From Scratch

Sixth grade is a new addition at this school in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where Tangela is thrilled to be the founding English Language Arts teacher. She is working to stock her classroom library with a variety of subjects and reading levels for her students, most of whom receive free and reduced lunch. “We are creating kind humans who are lifelong readers, thinkers, creators, and doers,” says Tangela. “I believe books are the pathway to a future of compassion and curiosity.”

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Donate Books for Early Development

After spending 15 years as a school psychologist, Melanie is returning to a teacher role to educate children ages 3 to 5 who have developmental delays. But before she can get started, she needs to grow her classroom library so she can teach lessons integrating literacy, dramatic play, technology, art, music, and much more. “Any and all donations will be greatly appreciated and used for decades to help preschoolers with developmental delays accelerate their development as they prepare to enter kindergarten,” says Melanie.  

Support Melanie’s campaign!

Rebuild Book Collections After a Fire 

In June, a preschool in Davis, Oklahoma was engulfed by a fire, taking collections of books with it. Now, lead teacher Eleanor wants to help rebuild the library centers. “It didn’t take long for me to fall in love with the owner’s mission to serve our small community,” she says. Eleanor is raising $500 to replenish the libraries after this devastating fire. 

Support Eleanor’s campaign!

Support Literacy in STEM Topics 

Interdisciplinary literacy is essential for elementary classrooms, because it helps kids excel not only in language arts, but also in STEM subjects like math and science. Fourth-grade teacher Kim is raising $300 to provide books for her math and science classroom. “Reading can help students tap into prior knowledge and help them make more connections between what they already know about,” says Kim. 

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Boost Vocabulary in English Learners 

It’s necessary to build a classroom library with a variety of different subjects, genres, and reading levels — but many teachers say they don’t have the financial means to do so. It’s especially important for Sally, who’s a middle school teacher for students learning English. “One of the greatest challenges in learning the English language is developing vocabulary,” says Sally. “Reading high-interest novels and magazines is an excellent way to do just that.” It’s why she’s raising funds to give her students the chance to select books from the classroom library that interest them, which increases the likelihood of them reading independently.

Support Sally’s campaign! 

Empower Readers With Diverse Characters

Alyssa wants to provide her second-grade students with books that are diverse in characters, authors, and illustrators. At her school in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, half of the students are people of color and the ESL program is ever-growing. “My students of color deserve to see themselves in books and to see people of color who have authored and/or illustrated books,” says Alyssa. “I am also hoping to add multilingual books to our classroom.”

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Build Literacy Kits for Upper Elementary Students 

Literacy kits with diverse books are of key importance to Faigy, who teaches 4th and 5th grade classes. “Creating a greater and more diverse text set will expose scholars to different types of texts and plots,” says Faigy. “Due to the pandemic, budgets have been cut. Any of these resources will greatly impact the students.”  

Support Faigy’s campaign!

Show Kids Windows to the World 

While most kids can’t travel the world, books allow them to explore it. That’s why Courtney is raising money for her classroom library. She wants to enrich it with new titles so that her students won’t have to share books in the fall. “Through reading, you can imagine what it is like to be someone else, in another time or place,” says Courtney. “Readers develop empathy and perspective that they can apply to their own life.” 

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Create a Book Collection for Students  

Fifth-grade teacher Gary wants to add a new book collection to his classroom and is raising $300 to make it happen. “This collection will add 65 new books to our classroom library and help my students grow their reading skills,” he says. After all, a robust classroom library is necessary to help kids find books that fit their unique interests. 

Support Gary’s campaign!

Contribute to a Special Education Class 

The students in special education teacher Karen’s 2nd to 5th grade class love to read, but books and other interactive learning materials aren’t always available to buy with her school’s tight budget. “With the $200 we hope to raise, we will be able to furnish our students with the books and characters they love and introduce them to new stories and adventures,” says Karen. She will also use her funds to purchase Learning Mat Kits that keep kids engaged. 

Support Karen’s campaign!

Teach Kids Kindness and Empathy  

At Michelle’s school, many students live through addiction, neglect, financial stress, and other forms of trauma. “I want my students to know how to show compassion, kindness, empathy, and acceptance of differences even through all their struggles at home,” says Michelle. She is aiming to build kids’ life skills through books about kindness, confidence, and more, and is raising $200 to build an enriching school library that reaches all students at her school. 

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Help Students Love Reading

Jodi is a reading specialist at an elementary school in Petersburg, Indiana. Her students show characteristics of dyslexia and require interventions. “These students most often come to me with a great dislike of reading because they lack the skills necessary to be a successful reader,” says Jodi. “My desire is to provide books in my personal library that piques their interest and encourages them to read.” 

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Supply Kids With Books for Personal Reading  

It’s possible that each student will need to have their own personal supplies for each subject in teacher Danielle’s class when school returns. Because of that, she wants to purchase whole-class text sets that can be given to each student as books are discussed, and then put away following safety guidelines. “These resources will continue to be useful even after restrictions are lifted, and at that point, will be able to be shared throughout my team and across our grade level,” Danielle says. 

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Boost Critical Thinking Skills 

For 5th grade teacher Heather, playing games is a key way to get students engaged and develop their critical thinking skills. “I can only be the teacher I want to be if I can help my students become better thinkers,” says Heather. “The most effective way to do this is to fill my classroom with diverse games that encourage this type of thinking, logical skills, and emotional skills.” She is raising $300 to do just that with logic puzzles and critical thinking activities. 

Support Heather’s campaign!

Motivate Kids With Fiction & Nonfiction 

A gifted and talented development specialist for kids in kindergarten through 5th grade, Jennifer wants to grow her classroom library to include a plethora of fiction and nonfiction books. “I would love it if each of my students could make connections with the characters and the real people in the pages of the books in my classroom,” she says. Jennifer is raising $400 to help change the world — one unique child at a time. 

Support Jennifer’s campaign!

Help Create an Equitable Classroom  

Although her district is facing budget cuts, high school Spanish and ESL teacher Tara in Queens, New York, still wants to provide students with adequate books that pique their interests. She says she wants to “make my classroom a truly equitable place so that I can provide a wide range of options for my students.”

Support Tara’s campaign!

Inspire a Passion for Literacy  

Reading is the first most important tool each child must have to be strong learners in all subject areas, according to second grade teacher Jennifer. That’s why she is raising $500 from her community to welcome new books into her classroom, where she’ll have a check-out system that allows kids to enjoy books at home. “Reading can open up many new and exciting doors for learners,” says Jennifer. 

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Get a 5th Grade Teacher Started 

Alicia has always taught younger students, but this year she’ll be teaching 5th grade reading for the first time! She says she’s ready for the challenge it will bring, but first needs to create a library where every reader in her class can find a story to relate to. “One of the many things I am looking forward to most about this new change is getting the opportunity to share my love of reading with young readers,” says Alicia. 

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Bring Together a Bilingual Library 

This year will be the first time Adrienne is teaching a bilingual 4th grade class. “I want to make sure that I have a classroom filled with literature that is not only at their reading level, but it would also be wonderful to have a few books in their native tongue,” says Adrienne. “My goal is to cultivate a love of reading and learning.” She is raising $300 from her community to begin a classroom library. 

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Begin a Chapter Book Journey 

Second grade is a big milestone for teacher Debbie, because it’s when kids are excited to dive into chapter books! “I am so happy that my kids love to read,” she says. “Second grade is such an exciting year because the love of reading truly comes to life.” Debbie is raising $300 in funds to supply her classroom with chapter books in a variety of levels.

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Prepare a New Second Grade Teacher  

Stephen believes we are entering a new era in the way education is done, and he wants his students to be prepared. “As a new second grade teacher, I want to make sure my students have the items they need, and all the books they want and need to be outstanding readers,” says Stephen. That’s why he is raising funds from his community to build up his library of books. 

Support Stephen’s campaign!

Help Impact 180 Public School Students  

In social studies teacher Kara’s Readers Workshop, each student receives a copy of a social studies book and works with her to understand the history. This school year, she has five classes with up to 36 students in each — and she’s raising money through her community to make the Readers Workshop possible. “Reading is such an important part of learning history, and I would love to inspire a love for reading and build relationships with students through a book club-style approach,” says Kara. 

Support Kara’s campaign!

Create Representative Libraries

Book talks and book “tastings” (in which students can explore books and pick their favorites, either in-person or virtually) are just two ways teacher Jennifer wants to make use of the diverse collection of books she is raising money for. “Many of the students I teach are Native American and there aren’t a lot of books in my classroom library that represent their lives,” says Jennifer. “I would love to begin putting books into the hands of the students at my school that not only represent them, but also reflect the diversity of their heritage.” 

Support Jennifer’s campaign!

Inspire Fourth Graders With New Books 

There’s nothing quite as special as seeing a student turn into an avid reader. “As a child, reading was my biggest joy, and one of my happiest moments as a teacher is seeing a student fall in love with reading themselves,” says Kasey, a 4th grade teacher at a charter school for girls. “My girls have many different interests and come from many different backgrounds.” That’s why Kasey is raising $300: She wants each of her growing readers to have new opportunities through a variety of nonfiction and fiction books.

Support Kasey’s campaign!

Support History Lessons for New Generations

Ian wants his students to learn about history, so that new generations do not repeat it. His classroom mission has become much more clear in recent months: “It is my goal to teach love, understanding, diversity, and empathy through text by looking at the diverse history of our nation through books and stories outlining the highs and lows of our national story,” Ian says. He is raising funds to bolster his classroom library with books about the important men and women of color who have shaped American history and the heroes who have served our country. 

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Make Tough Topics Easier

Jocelyn is a kindergarten special education teacher who is teaching in the very same school district she grew up in. “I hope to update my library with diverse character experiences that are inspirational and enjoyable,” says Jocelyn. “Sweet, silly, and social-emotional books make today’s tough topics and emotions easy to go down.” It’s why she is raising $100 to update her school library. 

Support Jocelyn’s campaign!

Help a First-Time Teacher Get Started 

This school year will be the first of teaching for Erin, and she wants to get started with plenty of books. “I would love to be able to encourage and inspire my students to fall in love with reading,” says Erin. She hopes to do so by building her classroom library with a variety of genres for students, plus resources for guided reading and a monthly book club. 

Support Erin’s campaign!

Replenish a Classroom Collection  

Dennis is a language arts teacher with 30 years of education experience, and he understands the importance of placing books in the hands of students on a regular basis. Each year, he needs to replenish his class library since many books are worn out or not returned. “This year, due to our very unusual circumstances, most of my books were not returned,” says Dennis. “I would love to be able to replenish my class library for the upcoming school year.”

Support Dennis’s campaign!

Open Minds With New Books 

As the reading interventionist for her school, Melanie is looking to continue to diversify the reading selection for her students. In particular, she aims to provide a library to reflect their cultures and the cultures of others. “I want to open their minds, discussions, and give them as much background knowledge to continue to build their path on the educational journey,” she says. 

Support Melanie’s campaign!

Grow Home Libraries 

Start Little Libraries in Illinois

In a small city in Southern Illinois, Sonya teaches students early literacy skills such as letters, sounds, and sight words. But she wants to do more: This incredible teacher is raising $300 to help her students grow their own home library. Sonya’s goal is to send each child home with one book every month this school year. “My hope is that these books will inspire my students and families to fall in love with reading at home,” says Sonya. 

Support Sonya’s campaign!

Help Out “The Book Fairy” 

Two years ago, an initiative called The Book Fairy was started in Marissa’s first grade classroom. Here’s how it works: Each month, her students each receive a new book to keep and bring home. “New books are always so fun, and The Book Fairy is a great way to build a lifelong love of reading,” says Marissa. She’ll be able to make The Book Fairy program take flight again this year if she raises her goal amount of $350. 

Support Marissa’s campaign!

Stock a Prize Box for Well-Behaved Students 

In Emily’s multi-category special needs classroom, students earn gold tags for positive behavior like following the rules, doing something kind, and so forth. The special gold tags are counted on “Fun Friday,” when Emily gives students who have earned a certain number of tags their choice of prize. “It gets expensive keeping a prize box stocked when you have such a great group of kids!” says Emily. “This campaign will allow me to purchase books to stock our prize box that they can take home and share with their families.” 

Support Emily’s campaign!

Banish Boredom With Books 

It’s a teacher’s dream to see a child pick up a book when they’re bored — but it’s not always possible. “I had a student tell me he was bored, and he didn’t have a book to read at his house,” says Kimberly, a teacher raising money to support her students. “This broke my heart because I couldn’t take or send him a book to read.” Kimberly is aiming to supply her students with books, especially since many haven’t had access to school or public libraries during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Support Kimberly’s campaign!

Provide Kids With Grade-Level Books 

Although teacher Heather says her plan is lofty, she’s determined to make it happen: She wants to stock an in-class library where students can check out books of interest at their level to practice reading at home (“as opposed to the generic, black and white paper print-out books I use currently,” she says). She’d also like to give students the option to select a book from Scholastic to take home and keep so they can build their home libraries. 

Support Heather’s campaign!

Fund a Monthly Book for Readers  

First grade teacher Laura wants every child in her class of 26 students to receive a book each month from August through May. “The kids are so happy when they realize they get to take home their very own new book,” says Laura. She is raising $390 to spark the excitement of reading in her growing learners. 

Support Laura’s campaign!

Help First Graders Get Their Own Books 

Many of the families in first grade teacher Leanda’s community are not able to provide their child with brand new books. “I am beginning this campaign to help put books in the hands of my first-grade students,” says Leanda. “Last year, I was able to find great quality that range from $1 to $1.50.” That means she needs just $270 to send 20 kids home with 10 new books throughout the school year — building their home libraries and their love of reading. 

Support Leanda’s campaign!

Prepare Kids for the Year Ahead

Because teacher Lori doesn’t know what this school year will look like for her kindergarteners, she wants to get each student several books, so they have something to read if they are at home. “The excitement on their faces when I read a book and then tell them they are all getting a copy to take home is priceless,” she says. “Any extra funds will be used to continue updating the class library and listening center.” 

Support Lori’s campaign!

Support Families During Difficult Times

For many families in teacher Kaitlen’s community, times are changing, and they cannot afford to purchase books to have at home. That’s why she is raising money to send all of her students home with a free book each month. “I have 25 wonderful kiddos this year,” Kaitlen says. “I would love for each of my students to be able to bring home one new book each month during the school year from September to May.” 

Support Kaitlen’s campaign!

Build a Foundation With Picture Books 

Establishing a love for books and reading has to start as early as possible, which is why kindergarten teacher Krystine is raising $200 from her community to purchase picture books for kids to take home and call their own each month. That way, “we can keep them engaged and excited about the amazing adventure that reading can take them on,” she says. After all, there’s nothing quite as exciting as taking home your very own book as a child!

Support Krystine’s campaign! 

Help Third Graders Find Their Genre  

Students in 3rd grade are beginning to explore the world of chapter books. “They will often start finding ‘their’ genre and what they really love to read,” says teacher Christina. That’s why her goal is to give each student a book to take home and keep monthly this year. She wants her book collection for students to have a variety of genres and complexities so kids can discover their true love for reading and become lifelong readers. 

Support Christina’s campaign!

Benefit At-Risk Students Through Reading 

Michelle will be teaching 3rd grade this fall, and her hope is to give all students a book monthly so they can grow academically, behaviorally, and emotionally. “The student population I work with is a diverse variety of ethnic, social, economic, and emotional backgrounds,” says Michelle. “This project will benefit many at-risk students.” Kids will have the chance to take a book home every month – and even if learning is virtual this year, Michelle says she will make sure every child gets their free book each month. 

Support Michelle’s campaign!

Light Up Kids’ Days at Home

This year more than ever, it will be important for kids to have books at home. Last year, several of Kristi’s fellow teachers were able to purchase a book per month for each student in their class, and she’d like to be able to do the same this year for her students. “The kids’ faces lit up each time they were handed a book and told it was theirs to keep,” says Kristi. “I want to join this campaign and see that smile on my students’ faces!”

Support Kristi’s campaign! 

Enable a Teacher to Give Away Books  

Last year, teacher Rachel was able to give away a whopping 570 books to students. “I would love to share the love of literacy again,” she says. “I don’t know what this school year is going to look like, but it is definitely something I would love to continue.” Rachel is raising money from her community to continue purchasing a wide variety of genres that are high-interest for middle school students. 

Support Rachel’s campaign!

Build Academic Success With Books  

There will be about 35 students in Vickie’s two classes this year, and she wants to send a new book home with each child every month. “Research shows that having books at home is a top predictor of a child’s overall academic success,” she says. “Growing lifelong readers is the goal of my class.” With just $20, you can sponsor one child throughout the school year. 

Support Vickie’s campaign! 

Get First Graders Reading More 

First grade teacher Kara likes to supply each of her kids with a book to bring home every month during the school year, and she already knows this initiative is a success. “This worked out so great last year and my firsties loved it so much that I want to try it out again,” says Kara. “Many families cannot afford to purchase books and do not have books of their own to read at home.” 

Support Kara’s campaign! 

Inspire a Kindergartener’s Natural Curiosity 

Kindergarteners are naturally curious, and teacher Casey wants to promote that love of learning with books her students can take home. “I love seeing their natural curiosity come to life when they look at books and learn to read them,” says Casey. “Your $10 contribution will enable each student in my classroom to receive books for their very own library at home.” 

Support Casey’s campaign!

Help Lifelong Learners Flourish  

In Georgia, MaryBeth teaches second grade — but she knows the real joy of reading is planted when kids read at home with their families. Because of that, she wants to help her 22 students grow their home libraries this year. “Growing lifelong readers and learners is the goal of my class — and your donation will help do just that,” she says. 

Support MaryBeth’s campaign!

Benefit Readers With Book Gifts 

Michelle says she places a Scholastic order once a month, and she wants every child to have a special delivery of their own with a book they can take home. “For as long as I have been teaching, there isn’t a child that cannot benefit from a book in their hands,” says Michelle. “There is also a sense of extreme happiness on the days that our monthly Scholastic book box arrives for those who were able to place an order.” Because she doesn’t want any of her students to be disappointed if their family wasn’t able to place an order, she is raising money to buy them books herself. 

Support Michelle’s campaign!

Promote Literacy in Northern Florida 

In a small town in northern Florida, Debra teaches kids ages 4 to 5. Although her students love story time and like to bring their own books from home, not all have books they can share. “I would like to use funds to provide each of my students with a new book per month to share with our class and build their home library,” says Debra. 

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